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Focus on what matters to you
David Ragan of Mawer Investment Management discusses his stock selection process and the incredible value of growing companies in a low growth world in his outlook for 2021.
Corrado Tiralongo
January 06, 2021 - Value of Advice
In his year-end letter, Counsel Portfolio Services CIO, Corrado Tiralongo, outlines his big three macro themes for 2021 and why he has great hope for what lies ahead.
Focus on what matters to you
David Picton of Picton Mahoney Asset Management discusses his positive outlook for growth as we enter a new fundamental economic cycle in 2021.
November 25, 2020 - Retirement Planning Value of Advice
Has the pandemic changed your financial priorities? If there's one thing this year has shown us, it's how life can change on a dime. 
Estate Planning: Protecting Your Heirs and Beneficiaries
September 01, 2020 - Estate Planning
Our e-book highlights the various tools and strategies you can use to protect, build, and preserve your assets, so your loved ones will receive the legacy you intend to leave them.
Estate Planning
October 01, 2020 - Estate Planning
This e-book reviews the various factors you need to consider regarding the transfer of your estate.
August 01, 2020 - Estate Planning
Whether your assets are big or small, you should have an estate plan. We broke down the what, why, and how in this e-book to help make estate planning easier to understand.
November 24, 2020 - Retirement Planning Wealth Transfer
Many Canadians are increasingly relying on their own resources to fund their retirements. Here are ten strategies to make your RRSP grow and support your retirement goals.
IPC Portfolio Services
August 19, 2020 -
What is a portfolio service, and why do you need independence in money management? Read more to find out and see if a portfolio service is the right choice for you.
IPC portfolio service
September 02, 2020 -
What do portfolio services offer? Learn more about a selection of portfolio management service options that fit your investing preferences.