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Is a Portfolio Service Right for You?
Portfolio service

We often get asked if a portfolio service is the right choice for an investor. The answer to this question depends on your desired approach to managing your investments.

If you want to manage portfolios personally or buy and sell securities directly on a DIY platform, then IPC Portfolio Services is not for you. Similarly, if you prefer to define your own asset allocation strategy, make strategy changes or select and monitor managers, we are not a service that will work for you.

In contrast, if you choose to work with a financial advisor – an IPC Advisor in this instance – IPC Portfolio Services may be right for you. We partner with IPC Advisors to customize investment solutions to meet the specific investment needs, wants and preferences of investors. Your Advisor will work with you to define your strategy and determine the target return you will need to achieve your goals. They will help keep you on track to your goals and make adjustment to your investment strategy as your personal and life circumstances change. We will help define your asset allocation strategy as well as research, select and monitor investment specialists. We will also adjust your portfolio’s allocation as needed and implement the necessary risk management strategies.

Working with an IPC Advisor does not tie you to investing with IPC Portfolio Services. Although we partner exclusively with IPC Advisors, our Advisors are free to work with any financial institution they choose. We call it independence.

Our Advisors have total discretion in their choice of partner. They can choose to work with IPC Portfolio Services or not, depending on the needs of their clients. Unlike direct sales institutions, such as banks, we have no sales quotas or added compensation incentives (direct or indirect) for Advisors who work with IPC Portfolio Services.

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September 14, 2020 - Portfolio Management

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