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Deliver the Total Client Experience

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Winning with the Total Client Experience

“The beauty of this program is that it’s a simple roadmap to more successful client partnerships and ultimately a better practice.”

- Ryan Estis, Keynote Speaker & Leading Business Performance Expert

The Total Client Experience (TCE) is a comprehensive business system that makes it easy for Advisors to deliver a professional, consistent experience every time they interact with a client. It includes compelling, fully customizable communication, presentation and planning tools to cover all segments of the financial planning process.

What Our Advisors Are Saying

IPC Advisors who have integrated the Total Client Experience into their business have seen great results – higher retention rates, more referrals and a more effective practice. But, don't just take our word for it; listen to what they have to say.

The TCE allows us to consistently meet, exceed and improve our client service delivery.

Kevin Smith, B.A.
Senior Financial Consultant
Bedford, NS

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Kevin Smith, B.A.

Russ Elford, CFP®


The Total Client Experience received the Advisor Education Award at the prestigious Canadian Investment Awards.