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Design your portfolios

In an industry where financial planning products and solutions are becoming increasingly commoditized, you need strategies that will make you stand out from the competition – strategies that will give you an edge in helping your clients live their dreams.

Our Advisors have access to a wide spectrum of investment products and services - from individual securities to unified managed accounts.

As part of our offering, you can choose to work with our dedicated Portfolio Management Team to design your portfolio offering using solutions by Counsel Portfolio Services and IPC Private Wealth. We will also:

  • Work with you to segment your client base and target your portfolio offering along the retail, mass affluent and high net worth spectrum.
  • Select, monitor and, if necessary, replace investment specialists across the portfolios designed for you.
  • Develop an effective client communication and reporting strategy.
  • Simplify the delivery of your portfolios to clients under your own brand.

Advisors who have taken advantage of our portfolio management solutions and services have successfully simplified their processes and gained the freedom to focus on activities that offer them the greatest value: building strong relationships with their clients.

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