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Code of Ethics


At Investment Planning Counsel (IPC), we (Advisors and head office employees) pride ourselves on our integrity and conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of ethical business practices, and we adhere to a code of ethics.



  • Our Advisors act with the highest integrity in the best interest of their clients, placing their clients’ interests above their own.
  • Our Advisors disclose to their clients all sources of compensation and any potential conflicts of interest should they arise, for recommendations being made and for the services performed.
  • Our Advisors make every effort to provide objective, impartial and complete information to their clients regarding their financial needs and provide realistic advice about the various options available to a client, describing the negative risks as well as the positive aspects of any recommendation.
  • Our Advisors continually seek to maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and competence, providing advice to clients only on matters within their areas of expertise.
  • Our Advisors are free to make unbiased recommendations to their clients and are under no obligation to sell proprietary products.


  • We work through our Advisors to bring value to our clients and our shareholders.
  • We know our clients and develop innovative products and services to respond to their evolving needs and desires.
  • We challenge and develop our Advisors and head office employees to achieve their individual and our corporate potential by creating a dynamic workplace.
  • We treat all individuals with fairness, dignity and respect.


  • We develop strategic alliances with like-minded companies to enhance our core competencies, serve our clients more effectively and thereby build our business.
  • We are performance based, measuring and monitoring our achievements and adjusting where necessary.
  • We use advanced technology to innovate, improve effectiveness and deliver value to our Advisors, our clients and our shareholders.

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