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Whether you are preparing to pass on your wealth or getting ready to inherit, conversations with your next of kin can get tricky fast – to say the least. That’s just one reason why so many families put off the discussion (sometimes, until it’s too late).

The challenge? Figuring out who gets what and why. Then explaining it to everyone in the family.

It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about balancing emotions and maintaining family bonds.

With an Advisor by your side, we’ll get to know you and your story, which helps make these family conversations less awkward – and less stressful - for everyone involved.

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Communicating early - Wealth Transfer

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Let's talk about the wealth tranfer - Wealth Transfer

Let’s talk about the wealth transfer elephant in the room

Communicating early, discussing your intent, and sharing family values about money helps ensure your wealth moves more smoothly between generations.

We will work to facilitate these sensitive, yet important discussions with your loved ones. We’ll start by getting to know you and your family – to understand your personal money values and how you want your legacy to be managed. Then, we’ll help prepare your loved ones to inherit and steward the wealth you’ve built while honouring the legacy you leave behind.


Have not introduced
heirs to their advisor


Have not had any
discussion with their heirs

arrow poing to 46% plat to at some point
arrow poing to 12% don't plan at all

Plan to at some point


Don’t plan to at all

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Are your heirs
in the dark?

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Family Friction - Wealth Transfer

Avoid Family friction

It takes courage to discuss your legacy

Having a wealth transfer discussion is important for many reasons. Sure, it helps everyone understand who gets what – when and why, but more importantly, it helps avoid family friction, so you can get back to creating joyful memories together.

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Advisors help you

Have a conversation – without splitting heirs

We are here to help start the conversation, plan, prepare and execute your wealth transfer strategy.

If you’re ready to talk, we are too.

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