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What will you start in retirement?

We see retirement as a new beginning, with more time for new adventures, new ventures, new opportunities, and new ways to give back.

Yet, approaching retirement can feel unsettling, especially when you have unanswered questions about how your investments will support your lifestyle.

We’ve got answers

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Take control of your retirement income

The right advice – from an advisor who truly knows you – can make all the difference.

Our advisors can answer your questions, give you advice and work with you to create a retirement income plan that targets your goals - so you can retire confidently.

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If you're worrying about your retirement income,
you're not alone.

Looking out over the next 10 - 15 years


of Canadians nearing retirement are
worried about their retirement strategy

When thinking about their retirement income plan,
investors are most concerned about:

40% health, 20% market fluctuations, 25% running out of money, 30% inflation

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Expert guidance throughout your retirement

With comprehensive analysis and experience, our advisors can help you maximize your retirement income streams with the right combination of investment and risk management strategies.

With an IPC Advisor by your side, you have a partner-in-planning who will answer all your questions, including:

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How much you will need in retirement depends on various factors, including your age at retirement, desired retirement lifestyle and portfolio strategy, and expected returns.

Age at Retirement & Life Expectancy

Age at Retirement & Life Expectancy

Desired Retirement Lifestyle

Desired Retirement Lifestyle

Project Income Sources

Projected Sources of Income

Current or Expected Health Condition

Current or Expected Health Condition

Expected Inheritanc

Expected Inheritance

Portfolio Strategy & Investment Returns

Portfolio Strategy & Investment Returns

There are various possible sources of income that may impact your retirement savings. It’s important to understand each of your income sources, how much you can expect from them, and how the combination of your income streams will sustain you throughout retirement. Your income sources may include:

Private Pension


Non-registered Savings

CPP or QPP and OAS



Home Equity

First, consider all your different income sources. Then design a plan that allows you to maximize the amount of income you withdraw from each source using the most effective and tax-efficient way possible.

When moving from accumulating wealth to drawing income from your portfolios, your investment objectives and strategy will evolve. Retirement income portfolios place more emphasis on generating income for the short-term while growing and protecting capital over the longer term.

Accumulation phase

Accumulation phase

Decumulation phase

Decumulation phase

There are various factors that can influence your income plan in retirement, including interest rates, how you time withdrawals, pension regulations or unexpected life events. They include:

Historically Low Rates
Historically Low Rates

Low interest rates are forcing many to consider higher-risk alternatives.

Timing of withdrawals
Timing of withdrawals (sequence of returns)

Withdrawals made during market downturns could erode your savings faster than anticipated.

Pension Rules
Pension Rules

The rules for CPP and OAS could mean working past age 65.

A sudden life event
A sudden life event

Divorce, dealing with aging parents, sudden illness or disability can alter your income needs.

It’s important to assess these and other factors that are specific to you when building your plan.

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Knowing you have a plan in place that pays you back makes this time of life that much sweeter.

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